Yarah Bravo
Love Is The Movement
Duzz Down San Records
Street: 04.30
Yarah Bravo = Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes + Del tha Funky Homosapien
Combine all of the ‘90s R&B soul by the legendary divas with a motivational message, and mix it with new sounds infused with down-tempo electronics, jazz and pop beats, for an exhilarating blend that only a true legend could muster, with skill and sincerity unmatched. Bravo not only spits raps off her tongue effortlessly (being multi-lingual probably helps, sampled in “Fuerza”), she even handles the instrumental side of the production, with encouraging lyrics to match upbeat tempos. Bravo touches on themes of empowerment through leadership (“Leader”), refusing to be silent (“Hazeem”), the power of love, being fearless and other positive messages, but in a way that avoids being clumped in with clichéd inspirational quote boards. Light it up with one of her Ziggi papers, available with a CD purchase at YarahBravo.bandcamp.com, and sink into the soul of a reincarnated diva. –Brinley Froelich