Yard of Blondes
High Desert Lo-Fi Records
Street: 03.26
Yard of Blondes = Panic! At The Disco + Wolf People
“This is a love song from my heart to the grave,” is a quote from “Murderology” (the first track) that estimates the theme of this album in one assertion—Yard of Blondes are infatuated with death. Murderology, as a whole, is a platter of cymbal-heavy garage rock with both blues and folk influences. Vincent Walter Jacob has a voice like dusty velvet, while rhythmic, heavy guitars are juxtaposed with sweet harmonizing. “Requiem for a Lover” includes prominent old-world piano matched with grating guitar bridges. The final number, “Sailors” begins sweetly with a “Strawberry Fields”-esque synthesizer opening, but breaks suddenly back into their brooding style. Each song progresses so interestingly that, if you turn it up too loud your first time, it will literally startle you. This blend of 18th century influences homogenizes wonderfully with contemporary stoner-rock. –LeAundra Jeffs