Yasmine Hamdan
Ya Nass
Crammed Disks
Street: 03.25
Yasmine Hamdan = Mirah + Yael Naim
While I can’t understand the lyrics of any of these songs, I can understand the sentiment and emotion behind them, which speaks to the universality of music. Hamdan’s elegant voice can take you to her dreamland fantasy, regardless of your knowledge of Arabic. “Shouei” stuck out most for me, evoking the sounds of staring out the window and watching the rain in your cozy setting of choice. The album sways gracefully between the nostalgic sounds, like in “Aleb,” to darker, tormented melodies, such as “Enta Fen, Again” and “La Mouch.” I won’t be surprised when I hear her more in the states, as she’s mastered her craft. –Brinley Froelich