Complètement Fou
Street: 09.29
Yelle = Uffie x La Roux + Little Boots

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way now: Julie Budet is a boss bitch. She and GrandMarnier create booty-bumpin’ Euro dance-pop with absolutely no regard for language barriers. On their third album, we see how much they’ve grown up and into their signature ’80s synth-pop sound. Produced by Dr. Luke, Completèment Fou showcases more polished beats and ridiculously catchy lyrics. The title track features funky electronic beats combined with GrandMarnier’s own brand of trance-pop and Budet’s euphoric vocals. “Ba$$in,” by far the most danceable and experimental track, combines repetitive lyrics, but keeps us interested with a myriad of different beats and sounds underneath bouncy (and fairly explicit) lyrics. “Nuit de Baise Parts I &II” (translation: “Night of Fucking”) slows things down and offers a rare male vocal track to get your freak on with. However, if anything, Yelle proves once again that it’s not about what you say—it’s about how you say it. –Allison Shephard