Young Ejecta
The Planet
Street: 01.27
Young Ejecta = Neon Indian x Porcelain Raft + I Break Horses

Hone in your inner constellation chaser with the post disco beats, breathy vocals and overall sensuality of Young Ejecta’s (formerly Ejecta) newest mini-album. Simple yet emotionally varied production from Joel Ford combined with Leanne Macomber’s fragile and ethereal vocals successfully transport us to another universe fraught with star dust, gracefully spiraling nebulas and twinkling planets in the distance. However otherwordly this soundscape may seem, it is Macomber’s pseudo-sexual lyrics that keep us rooted to the Earth by a string around our ankles, hovering comfortably between worlds known and unrevealed expanses. Ford’s sound ranges between pulsating cosmic compositions (“Your Planet” and “Into Your Heart”) to minimalistic arrangements bound in simplicity (“What You Done” and “Recluse”). The Planet is good for those who aren’t ready for the full-on interstellar adventure and experienced explorers alike. –Allison Shephard