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Review: Young Galaxy – Falsework

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Young Galaxy – Falsework

Young Galaxy

Paper Bag Records
Street: 10.30
Young Galaxy = Small Black + Washed Out + Caribou

Young Galaxy’s Falsework is an even more clamorous, tinny, crinkling electronic work than their last electro-pop album, Ultramarine, and it seems as though they’ve fine-tuned their sharp, clean synth skills with this one. I don’t think that this album is as catchy as the one prior, but it’s definitely got a stronger, more defined effect to it. It features a corresponding short story by music critic Sean Michaels, and reading this story supports the feelings the album evokes: those of sensuality, love and closeness. Plastered with emotional dance tracks like “Factory Flaws” and “Body” in addition to sensual tracks like “Pressure,” this is your next sad-day background dance music. And by yours, I mean it’s definitely mine. –Erin Moore