Young Galaxy


Paper Bag Records

Street: 04.23

Young Galaxy = Twin Sister + Kate Bush

When I heard “Pretty Boy,” the first single from Young Galaxy’s fourth release, Ultramarine, I anxiously awaited tuning my ears into the rest of the album. I discovered Young Galaxy through their 2011 record, Shapeshifting, and was immediately hooked on the synth-heavy dance beats the group was creating. Ultramarine is a one off from Young Galaxy’s previous work, and reminds me of something similar to a dream-pop roller coaster. Each track has the potential to take you on that “high off the euphoric bassline” ride, but it’s not quite there. I played and replayed the album, listening to it on my computer, through headphones, in my car, and it didn’t quite hit in the way I had hoped. “Pretty Boy” still has the ability to grab the listener and captivate them enough to make their way through the album. Just before they might fall off the ride,  “Fever” and “What We Want” keep them holding on with delirious, ’80s-inspired basslines. Ultramarine is a bit more light than previous YG albums, which might not be the right feel for Catherine McCandless’ rich voice. By no means is Ultramarine an album I would never listen to, but it’s one I unfortunately don’t have on repeat. –Karamea Puriri