Young Widows
Easy Pain
Temporary Residence
Street: 05.13
Young Widows = Pissed Jeans + Death From Above 1979

The world is not a good place. Everything is fucked. Such pain, such confusion. Why must it be like this, “Godman”? I need to turn the bass down on this stereo. My girlfriend just left the house. The cat has fled to the back corner of the back room. It’s only the first song. “Cool Night” makes wallowing beautiful, almost ecstatic. Dissonance, soft/loud/soft, never stopping, “Kerosene Girl.” This is heavy rock. Such tone, such mastery, such torment. The massively overdriven bass engulfs all sounds like hot tar, rendering the trio an individual entity. They are one instrument, ringing out with an echoing hopelessness. Our history has damned us, our present is dissolving before us, our future will glide in blindly with a plastic scythe, saying, I told you so. Young Widows know this. This is their magnum opus. –Cody Kirkland