Sargent House
Street: 07.23
Zorch = Fuck Buttons + Holy Fuck + The Fucking Champs
Woah. The profundity in which I used the F-word to describe this band just blew my Mormon brain. But, it works. Zorch’s squelching, unraveling electronic freak-outs informed by some serious study of melody and dissonance are easy shoe-ins for Fuck Button’s nu-rave sweaty, electronic workouts. They have an ear for driving melody a la Holy Fuck and replace huge huge, anthemic guitar songs with huge, anthemic synth songs in the vein of The Fucking Champs. Zorch—not the Gong-affiliated 70’s outer space band of the same name—is a hairy, messy, all-machines-on approach in pairing life-affirming positivism in gang-shouts and eternally ascending arpeggios with a truly claustrophobic tour through some of the 20th century’s strangest experimental music. Kind of like Marnie Stern channeling Philp Glass. –Ryan Hall