Notes From The Industrial Underground: December 1991


Looking for a cure for that nasty problem of having Foetus on your breath? The answer will be at the Pompadour Club on December 6th in the form of one J.G. Thirwell, madman and mastermind behind Foetus Inc., among other musical assaults. Thirwell comes under the guise of Clint Ruin, one of many aliases, with support from Aligs Kizys, Norman Westberg, Vinnie Signorelli, all former members of Swans, as well as Dave Oulmet (ex-Cop Shoot Cop) and Eric Hubbel. This show promises to be the most wild and horrific since the Ministry crew graced our fine, backwards state.

Thirwell does not come empty handed either, he is touring in support of a new single with Lydia Lunch (“Don’t Fear The Reaper”) and some upcoming EPs from side projects Steroid Maximus, an instrumental project and the homicidal Wiseblood, which delivered sing-along favorites “Motos Slug,” “Stumbo” and “Fudge Punch.” Pedal To The Metal has four new Wiseblood songs like the title track, “Hey Bob A Ree Bop,” “Stop Trying To Tie Me” and “Grease Nipples.” If you need some schooling in the ways of Foetus then steal a copy of Sink, a compilation of singles on Wax Trax! or the incredible Butterfly Poison single with the maniacal anthem “Free James Brown (So He Can Run Me Down).” Get your tickets now cause you won’t want to be standing out in the cold when hell breaks loose.

More on the Elektra reissue front.

Two new CD’s out this month are Non (aka Boyd Rice) with Easy Listening For Iron Youth and a compilation CD, Vhutemas Archetypi, which features the likes of Laibach, S.P.K. and Lustmord. A noise lovers taste treat all on two CD’s.

If you’re really into the Skinny Puppy thing then you may want to research two other bands: X Marks the Pedwalk and Leatherstrip. Both bands have heavy Puppy influence and evoke that same feeling of terror that makes Skinny Puppy such a loveable bunch of guys.

Now out on KK Records through Cargo are three releases. First is the long awaited CD release of Cat Rapes Dog’s Banzai Beats. We might expect a little more from a band with such a great record. Also available are My Chromosomal Friend from 2nd Communication and a new single, New Funk, from Force Dimension.

Finally, a full length release of Hard Bear hits from Lords Of Acid, which features previous favorites “I Sit On Acid” and “Hey Ho!” plus new hits “Take Control” and “I Must Improve My Bust.” This one will get your on your feet—and it’s nasty too, so get it!.

New on Wax Trax! this month is a single from Excessive Force, a collaboration of Sasha from Kmfdm and Buzz from Thrill Kill Kult. “Conquer Your House” is a funky house track with disco grooves and female back-ups and harsh vocals from Sasha. The B-side, “To Death,” is much heavier but still beat oriented. Excessive Force has a full-length album out next month as well.

Two new vinyl released distributed by Mordam records are a single from Babyland and an LP from Tit Wrench. Babyland is a disjointed, Throbbing Gristle sounds band from Southern California with a three-track single: “Reality,” “Under” and “Smrow-Tow.” Tit Wrench is a wacky industrial flavored project with heavy noise elements and one particularly great track, “LSD Me.” And with songs like “Life Sucks, Do Me” how could you not like this record?.

Swamp Terrorists have a full-length out soon on Noise/BMG called Grow-Speed-Injection. It’s grungy a la Ministry, but with dancier beats. Check this one out when it hits stores.

Advice for the young: get your asses to Foetus. I promise it will be one of the great shows of 1991 for Salt Lake.

Until next month … places to go, people to kill!

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