Notes From The Industrial Underground: May 1991


When we last met, the Revolting Cocks were in the bayou country of Louisiana, dropping their britches and squealing like pugs for some questionable backwoodsmen. It’s Beers, Steers and Queers and it’s back with a vengeance. The Cocks have remixed their underground hit with samples from the film Deliverance, you know, the one where the cajuns try and bugger the stranded Northerners. Also on the remix is the anthemic shout of “Beers! Steers and Queers!” The single has a revved up version of the title track as well as live versions of “Stainless Steel Providers” and “Public Image.” The Cocks are finishing up a new single, “Crackin’ Up,” a “harrowing dance-floor essay on crack addiction that sounds like Public Image Ltd’s “Metal Box” put through a Megadeth meat-grinder. Watch out for that!

Another one of Al Jourgensen’s projects, 1,000 Homo DJs, has finally released its second single “Supernaut,” an old Black Sabbath tune that puts Ozzy Osbourne to shame. Out of control distortion, screaming vocals and heavy beats litter this single. It’s the same with “Hey Asshole” and “Apathy,” also included on the CD.

KMFDM has a new single” “Split,” a funky, guitar-ridden dance tune with the catchy refrain, “To share is to split.” Also on the single are remixes of “Piggybank,” “Go To Hell” and “Naive 1991.” “Split” is from a new KMFDM album to be released soon.

If you aren’t familiar with KK Records, then you should tune into this up-and-coming Belgian label. Two new releases are Vomito Negro’s “The New Drug” and Insekt’s “Stress.” Insekt is a hard, Skinny Puppy-ish outfit while Vomito Negro is more reminiscent of A Split Second. Also on KK are Philadelphia Five, Cat Rapes Dog, Smersh, Kode IV and my favorite, San Francisco’s Stereotaxic Device. A good introduction to the label is their sampler entitled “Crack of a Belgian Whip.”

Marc Verhaegen has a new band, XIO. Their first single, “Repulsion,” is full of moody and dark techno rhythms a la Klinik, but more upbeat. Vocals are performed by Marc Ickx of A Split Second.

Cyberaktif’s full length album, Tenebrae Vision, is out this week on Wax Trax! Records, check out this Leeb/Goettel side project.


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