Red Hot Chili Peppers members Flea and Anthony Kiedis play on stage with drummer Chad Smith sporting a big ‘ole smile while on stage at the Utah First Credit Union Amphitheatre. Photo: @lmsorenson

Red Hot Chili Peppers @ Utah First Credit Union Amphitheatre 6.05


The last time the Red Hot Chili Peppers were in Salt Lake City, it was long, long ago at the Delta Center in 2006. Now, in 2024 at the newly rebranded Utah First Credit Union Amphitheatre, the sun is high and the parking lots are filling up as tens of thousands of fans arrive and head in from all angles to the outdoor venue. 

Bag checks, merch lines and $14 beers await the masses making it to their designated areas. As the sun slackens, duo Domi and JD Beck starts it all off. The keyboard-and-drums pair do quick introductions and get right to it with intense jazz tracks. As they finish a song and prepare for the next, they thank the Red Hot Chili Peppers for having them come for this stop on the tour. JD Beck comments, “It should be illegal for the sun to be this bright,” as the stage gets the full brunt of the sun beaming down on the venue. Passionate jazz continues as attendees get their beverages, and just as soon as the music started, the sun heads down and they finish up their set. 

Next up to the stage is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. An intro riff starts up as the members come on stage, just missing Anthony Kiedis… The instrumentals come to a head and “Can’t Stop” finally kicks in, as Kiedis joins the band to an uproar of applause. The other band members don’t miss a beat as they play on, continuing with “The Zephyr Song.” Chad Smith on the drums keeps an eye on everyone as bassist Flea runs the gamut of the stage, guitarist John Frusciante provides some backup vocals, Chris Warren commands the keyboard and Kiedis keeps wailing on that mic at center stage.

Palpable enjoyment  is thick in the air as the majority of the crowd, from the GA pit to the far-reaching grass area, are on their feet and swaying along with the music as “Snow (Hey Oh)” blares out into the fading heat and the sun over the hills. After not having visited the Salt Lake Valley for quite some time, this RHCP appearance was both welcome and cathartic as evidenced by all the smiles, good vibes and of course, the ticket sales.

Photos by Logan Sorenson |  @lmsorenson

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