DJ Buttweed – Got My Money and My Mercedes

Local Review: DJ Buttweed – Got My Money and Mercedes

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DJ Buttweed – Got My Money and My Mercedes


DJ Buttweed
Got My Money and

Street: 01.01
DJ Buttweed = Jon Lajoie + Three Loco

Please understand that this is a comedy album, not a rap album, despite what DJ Buttweed might tell you in “I’m a Rapper.” Repping Utah in kitschy, YouTube-esque comedy raps, DJ Buttweed explores masculinity, sexuality and what it means to be a rapper to preset keyboard beats. Even the album art has a Mercedes logo haphazardly photoshopped over the grille of his Toyota. Though some of the jokes seem over the top, there are plenty of funny (and possibly profound?) moments. In “Masculine American,” he raps, “You wanna look good / don’t got time to get laid / if you don’t look good / how you supposed to get laid?” That’s deep. –Ali Shimkus