Local Review: Fever Dreams – Life has Departed

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Fever Dreams - Life has DepartedFever Dreams
Life has Departed

Street: 10.16.14
Fever Dreams = (Nails + His Hero is Gone) / Botch

Since their last release, these boys have been up to some wicked shit. After moving to Salt Lake, these gents pumped out an album worth the attention of anyone in the mood for Heresy or Negative Approach. With their Call of the Void–like intensity, the band blastbeats ears into seeping cavities and shred vocal chords into a pus-rife coleslaw. My favorite song on the album is “Ovis,” simply because it got stuck in my brain for weeks. The riffs are brutal, wet with sweat from a night of terror. Find it on bandcamp and buy two copies, one for you and one your niece who is always listening to Foster The People. –Alex Cragun