A Lily Gray
Waiting Room
Street: 11.29.13
A Lily Gray = Ashes Divide + Karnivool
Polished, local alt-rock group A Lily Gray returns with another teaser of an EP that will get you salivating for a full album from this quintet. I am a huge fan of the melodies this band is able to build on tracks like “Gone Away” that are simultaneously uplifting and sorrowful. The track “Velvet Letter” is, overall, the weakest of the four (a subjective measurement, certainly), sounding somewhat repetitive aside from the sweet ripping guitar solo bridge. David Lynn’s vocals continue to impress with his clear and passionate delivery, made all the more powerful by his band’s ability to construct thoughtful composition around him. These guys just flat-out know how to make a beautiful, self-aware rock album. –Megan Kennedy