Arsenblotz 63
Red Light Sound
Street Date: 05.31
AODL = Lockweld + Deprivation + Project: Void

Before I go any further, let it be known that I am in no way the world’s foremost expert on noise/power electronics/industrial. Quite the opposite, in fact. However, good music (noise?) is good music, and I like what I like … and I like this release from AODL. Super-harsh, yet strangely entrancing, electronic noise is what pulses through your headphones when playing this cassette. Far from what anyone would call “verse-chorus-verse” music, this release is somewhat of an endurance test for those unfamiliar with what is accurately described as “noise.” This is the type of music that, live, would make the neighborhood dogs howl and those with epilepsy stop, drop and convulse. –Gavin Hoffman