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Local Review: Artificial Flower Company – Creamium

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Artificial Flower Company Creamium

Self-Released Street: 03.16 The Artificial Flower Company = 90s Television + Delicate Steve

TAFC are an experimental project out of Provo who give old and new pop influences unexpected flavors within a low-budget recording style. For me, most lo-fi music sounds endear- ing. However, TAFC have a certain cabaret panache in this album that’s especially funny and nicely tempered by the sound quality. Opening up with “Creamium Overture” and “Demon In the Sack,” the album sets a tone for a kind of tongue-in-cheek listening experience. For the high-energy jam “Cougar Town” with lyrics such as “ev- eryone loves a MILF,” no one should have high-brow expectations. Rather, TAFC are clearly just having a good time with this album. And there is no denying the catchiness of the beats in “Between A Rock and A Hard Place” or the sudden sincerity of “The Small- est Town.” Give this album a couple listens and you’ll be flipping through their entire catalogue. –Nic Smith