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Local Review: Batty Blue – Ekphrasis

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Batty Blue

Street: 01.17
Batty Blue = Amelie soundtrack + Laura Marling

There’s an oversaturation of folk bands in Provo, but this album is charming and off-beat enough from the typically clean-cut music of Happy Valley to stand alone. It rubs into you nicely— like a good sweater from the D.I. Soft accordion is the threshold to intellec- tually stimulating lyrics that seem to unapologetically examine religion. “Earnest Blood/Rapture,” declares, “There’s a spirit in my book and it’s telling me lies / Tricked me into feeling guilty about things that naturally come fromanearnestheartthat’sstillpump- ing blood.” While there are heavy lyrical moments, the overall texture of Ekphrasis is bittersweet. “Sway With Me” brings a swirling, singalong light- ness, while “Organic Computer” is a tender denouement with fingerstyle gui- tar and a simple proclamation: “I need the truth / So I can be less confused.” –Kia McGinnis