Better Taste Bureau
The Better Taste EP
Street: 12.03.13
Better Taste Bureau = Mormon Macklemore + Mormon Charli XCX
If I ever dedicate my life to douchebaggery and join a frat, this’ll definitely be my go-to jam for hosting Jack Mormon, butt-chugging parties. Don’t get me wrong, this is a marvelous work and a wonder—rap so absurdly whitewashed, it deserves props for audacity alone. I just recognize what it’s best suited for. Even if you’re not currently the rebel of your priesthood quorum, you might find something here to like—the beats are surprisingly well composed and these guys rock the mic with a passion for puns. Nowhere is that more apparent than on “Too Many,” where BTB lament the many “hipsters” at their shows. They manage to simultaneously pay homage to Schoolboy Q’s “Hands on the Wheel” while dropping the clean rap dis of the century: “Beans n’ Brews, Beans n’ Brews, life for me is just Beans n’ Brews.” Take that, hipsters! How ya like them lattes? (The Complex: 05.03) –Dan Vesper