Christopher Alvarado
Street 01.27
Christopher Alvarado = Enigma + Senking + iVardensphere

This is more down-tempo than the usual ambient music we get from Christopher Alvarado. I couldn’t be more excited. I recommend that every belly dancing tribe shake their hips to this one—it lends itself easily to that style of dance. I love the flamenco guitar style of “Fire Above The Desert Mesa”—this is the first time I had heard a solid beat in his work. The track “Visions and Arcs (bonus track)” has an intense, dark, tribal beat that made me want to prance around a fire like a witch doctor casting a spell. It is the opposite of the track “Two Moons (bonus track),” which has a light synth style compiled with a dash of dirty ambience at the end. This is a fantastic splicing of the two sounds. The collaboration of down tempo and dirty ambient tracks on this release makes it my favorite of his so far. –Mistress Nancy