Contaminated Intelligence
Street: 12.15.12
Contaminated Intelligence = Skinny Puppy + Front Line Assembly + C-Lekktor

While I was listening to the album, I was delighted to hear the scratchy bath salt zombie sound that I so love to grind to, except there was only one problem—I had to wait for what seemed like eternity for the next track to start. The more I listened, the angrier I became. Maggot, I am going to throw you into slave training for the next week after the discomfort you have caused me. I am proud that Ogden has produced a talented, quality industrial musician. I just wish you would have had a bit better layout for your release, a nice press sheet with your file, or the actual CD with one of those beautiful stickers you have on it. While the music is what matters most—and this is great music—presentation is also important. Kisses! –Mistress Nancy