Coral Bones
Street: 08.17
Coral Bones = (Bright Eyes + Radiohead) x The xx
Coral Bones’ sound is best described as “assorted.” The project’s Facebook page lists the genre as “whatever you want,” which really sums it all up. A mostly solo effort by Christopher Kalani Bennion, Youthemism is varied in emotion and sound—it’s no wonder that it was influenced by Bennion being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Highlights of this fantastic rollercoaster include “Rising Sand,” an upbeat toe-tapper of a number that pays tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son,” and “Canyonlands,” a lovely, somber track featuring a poignant backing vocal effort from Lydia Mongie. After all of the album’s ups and downs, its simplest track, “Dusty Corners” (mainly just Bennion and his piano), is the one that sticks out. Its pain—its struggle—encapsulates what I imagine Bennion was going through when he wrote this album. The track’s last 60 seconds or so of strange sounds mixed over piano is a perfect ending to this strange but wonderful album. –Blake Leszczynski