Cornered By Zombies

Hurry Up and Wait


Street: 11.16.13

Cornered By Zombies = [(The Fucking Champs + At The Gates) – vocals – bass guitar] + Kill ‘Em All–era Metallica

Finally. Baz Eisenman and Jason Denney are a metal duo of prodigies whose musicianship eats away at your insides, simultaneously vicious and wistful. Eisenman makes his skill known from the get-go in “Survival of the fittest, And we’re out of Shape.” exhibiting his axe prowess à la melodic death metal guitar technique. His melodies are the most emotive in “Derek Joined the Air Force,” where his hammer-on, pull-off guitar navigation infests his pedal-tone, rhythmic compositions. Also: Denney is a machine. In “Simon Says,” he deftly transfers from snare-to-kick beats and double-kick trills to solidify the song’s trajectory—don’t get me started on his blast beats. His rolls in “It Was Like That When I Got Here” add contour to this record, and the duo’s synergy in “Will you take the Rusty Axe?” is astounding. This is fucking art. CBZ, quit your jobs and tour. –Alexander Ortega