Dethrone the Sovereign
Autocracy Dismantled
Street: 05.21
Dethrone the Sovereign = The Human Abstract – clean vox + bit o’ Between the Buried and Me
This local prog-metal outfit is one to watch out for. They display maturity in every inch of their presentation, from songwriting and recording/producing to oft-neglected areas such as packaging and art direction. I love the interesting instrumental accents, which are used sparingly and organically, and so they don’t become as much of a gimmick as they sometimes can. Songs travel the peaks and valleys of melody and progressive heaviness in well-formed, but not altogether groundbreaking structures. Screams are deep and thick and do well to drag heartfelt melody through the dark. What they may lack in overt originality is made up for in competency and confidence, and really, there’s nowhere for them to go but up. –Megan Kennedy