Street: 11.09.13

DiseNgaged = DevilDriver + Jungle Rot + Soulfly

Hazardous is the debut effort from Salt Lake’s DiseNgaged, and, while uneven, many of the tracks show potential for the band. DiseNgaged deal in groove-oriented death metal and clearly have hardcore undertones. Lyrically, things often navigate toward juvenile (see “Smash The Baby” and “The Mad House”) or feature an abundance of swearing, but the vocal style itself is spot on. There’s a good debut EP in here, but Hazardous suffers from a lack of editing and feels like a band still trying to figure out what it wants to be. There are drum fills that needn’t be there, and guitar lines that have potential, but barely keep from going off the rails. The peeks at headbang-worthy grooves and the strong vocal delivery indicate a band with something to say in the future, but Hazardous feels like a document of a band going through growing pains. –Peter Fryer