Dust on the Chamber Floor
Street: 01.20
Fiendlord = Kataxu + early Nokturnal Mortum + Elffor

Any album that begins with an incantation to Yog-Sothoth already gets a few points in my book, and Dust on the Chamber Floor lives up to its promise of cosmic chaos. Fiendlord play a synth-heavy style of symphonic black metal full of sinister foreboding, and while they still seem to be finding their feet with this demo, it’s very clear that the duo have great ideas and some serious songwriting chops. The title track starts off with infectious melodic hooks and an empyrean palette of synths inviting you to explore its astronomical realms. “Within the Subaqueous Temple” wanders a bit more in its style than the other songs, but develops an emotional intensity that’s easily worth the journey. “Abode of Forgotten Dreams,” however, easily marks the high point of the demo, opening up the melodic space of the album with brooding guitars under a glittering synthscape. –Henry Glasheen