Saying Goodbye
Fleetwood Music/SEM Music
Street: 03.01.13
Fleetwood = Riff Raff + Uncle Kracker
Fleetwood puts his soul into the lyrics on this album, which is a defining quality for an artist. He vocalizes what he knows, speaking on topics such as family, love, his hometown and his career. The beats and production on this album, however, are a bust. The bland sounds slightly remind me of a GarageBand creation for an early-’00s boy band singing sad music. The lyrics in some songs are lost because of auto-tuned echoes, and the ostentatious sounds consist of drums, pianos and violins—sometimes all three at once. I’d love to hear him on something aesthetically pleasing and hear how it fluctuates his flow. Songs worthy of checking out are “Old School” and “Trailer Park Music.” –Allie Russell