Float the Boat

Basement Tsunami


Street: 10.16.13

Float the Boat = Wolf Parade + Vivian Girls

A disclaimer: I must admit to being partial to the zeitgeist of the ’80s and ’90s utopic visions of the future, with visions of cyborgs, space colonies and virtual realities. With that being said, this album, heavy on the synths and afrobeats, came across as a sci-fi-funkadelic album to rock your way to space. “Merge” is what initially pulled me in, with a swaying melody to get lost in, where “Funky Freaky Fresh” gets you off your ass and shaking your thang. The album balances the weird (“Ignoramus Bonanza”) with sincere (“Regret”), all the while avoiding a dull moment. Buckle up! –Brinley Froelich