Grizzly Spectre
All of Them Witches
Street: 08.27
Grizzly Spectre = Arthur Russell + Loscil + Julianna Barwick

Operating under the name Grizzly Spectre for this album, Parker Yeats has stripped the entire apparatus of his Grizzly Prospector project down to a series of movements. These movements come in the form of huge swells of voice floating up through the floorboards, reverberating through apartments with high ceilings before dissipating into the atmosphere. Other movements are sheer mechanical ones: the ponderous downstroke on a guitar unleashing a massive wave of droning guitar maw. Michael Biggs’ synthesizer contributions take on an organic voicing, sounding like bowed cellos buried beneath a winter night’s worth of reverb. Grizzly Spectre are an affecting vehicle for Yeats’ powerful bellow. His voice sounds distant, as if reaching us from another plane. These are hymns sung by the living that guide the dead home. –Ryan Hall