Heartless Breakers
Lighter Doses
Street: 01.14
Heartless Breakers = The Graduate + Jimmy Eat World (Futures era)
Hot off the heels of their Prescriptions debut EP last year, Lighter Doses is an acoustic breakdown of Prescriptions’ songs mixed in with a couple brand-new ones. As a companion piece to the original, it’s an interesting contrast that distills such pop-heavy and catchy songs until they fit into an acoustic setting. I think their appeal—for me—lies in the energy of the original songs. They don’t grab me as fiercely as the fully dosed versions did, but as a creative experiment, it’s hard to complain about any band willing to reinterpret and reconstruct their original vision. Bonus mention goes to “Burn and Bury” for its slow buildup and haunting strings—I don’t know if it’s in the works, but sign me up for a full dose of that one. –Matt Brunk