Lake Island
Street: 09.20
Lake Island = Wildcat Strike + Colin Stetson

If I can say one thing about Lake Island, it’s that they have great potential. Just listen to “Relapse” from this new EP. It’s an instrumental landscape that reminds me of the cold genius heard on the second half of Dirty Beaches’ new double album. Then you have the closing moments of “Wolves,” which sound like wind being forced through metal pipes at breakneck speed while a guitar wails in the background. These guys can manipulate sound in an intriguing and cold way, and following the madness of “Wolves,” you have the folk-sounding downer, “Grindstone.” These guys should stick to their ability to captivate listeners with jarring sounds and heavy guitar riffs like the ones that close out “Birdsong” so powerfully. There’s obviously much about this EP I find impressive, but a more consistent approach in sound would benefit Lake Island greatly. –Justin Gallegos