Ain Soph Aur
Street: 03.12
Laughter = Dwellers + Knut + High On Fire
There’s definitely not a lot to laugh about on this gloomy EP from Laughter, made up of a talented trio of SLC musicians. There is a duality in the music presented on the record. The intro sets the tone for more of an atmospheric vibe, and opening track “In Finite” follows the atmosphere and has a bit of post-metal/hardcore/etc. influence. The composition is tight, and the production lends to a heavy bass tone with clear guitars and vocals that seem like they’re being sung from the other side of the room. It’s all dark, moody and made of the stuff that makes you think. Taking a huge left turn, “Black Eyes” turns on the straight-up jam-type doom stuff—it breaks that atmosphere and darkness as does its successor “Frozen.” Then things get gritty and ultra-gloomy again with “Prelude in C# Minor (In B)” and closer “Protagonist.” When it’s all over, it’s not something I’m entirely unhappy with—I just find myself wishing something slightly different. It’s still a work of music well worth checking out. –Bryer Wharton