Lindsay Heath
Holy Medicine
Street: 08.02
Lindsay Heath = PJ Harvey + Fiona Apple

With a lead-in as powerful as “Holy Medicine,” fit with deep cellos, quivering violins and soulful serenades, Lindsay Heath summons spirits with a particularly chilling and intimate sound. Holy Medicine is not for the meek. With longer songs, the depth of the album carries a lot more emotional weight than your standard ballad, and is combined with soft ‘90s grunge, particularly in songs like “Crawlspace.” As a performer who has worked on a multitude of classical instruments, particularly percussion, I was somewhat surprised to see the drums take a back burner throughout the production, although the focus on her voice is refreshing in its delivery. Heath’s knack for creating a tune that’ll drag you in and wrap its fingers around your body is supernatural. –Brinley Froelich