Street: 11.13.13
MiNX = Lady Gaga + Cavedoll + Alicia Keys
The duo behind MiNX has always been experimental in their approach to music. Just attend one of their live shows with their costumed antics and you’ll get a clear idea of their creative nature. While their previous album, Golden, shows their versatility as a duo working with a noise machine, 13 takes a more experimental route as they play with electronica elements while they start to diverge away from rock and into a synthpop style. The only drawback is that sometimes a track gets very repetitive and you find yourself skipping ahead, but usually, the next track echoes a different tone. Ischa B.’s vocals are still killer as she stretches her range across every track, and Raffi Shahinian has clearly been hard at work crafting riffs and solos so distinct to the ever-changing music, you won’t find them grinding out of anyone else’s guitar. –Spencer Ingham