Local Review: Ryan Boud – Falling Stars

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Ryan Boud - Falling Stars

Ryan Bound
Falling Stars

Ryan Boud = Jade Tree + acoustic guitar + Gathering Osiris


Ryan Boud probably wants to be signed, but he already sounds like he’s on a label—the packaging, production and delivery of his music is pretty much Pollyanna perfect. Bitterness against perfect-aspiring people aside, Ryan Boud’s songwriting is quite impressive if generic. Melancholy emo-folk fleshed out with acoustic guitar strumming, laid-back drumming and simple bass brings to mind Dashboard Confessional without all the whining. This basic backbone is garnished with a touch of The Elected alt-country and a tickle of Sunfall Festival’s Provo Mo rock. The best part of Falling Stars is the instrument arrangements which include chimes and strings, and are like, better than any I’ve heard locally.