Street: 05.28
Skellum = Infected Mushroom + Beats Antique
Although a few of the songs on the album sound as if Zelda magically appeared in a rave, it is very well made and has a smooth, experimental electronic sound. The details in songs like “Covert Operations” and “Moments” make the album interesting to listen to because Skellum blends a lot of different sounds and instruments together to create a funky drum-and-bass kind of vibe. I realize that using the term “drum-and-bass” after saying some of the songs sound like they came from Zelda may clash a bit, but trust me, when I say the sounds blend well and would please a fan of any electronic genre. Some of the highlight songs on the album are “Echoes,” “Cooling Water” and “Moments.” The album is available for free download on SoundCloud, and if I didn’t already have it, I would be downloading it right now. –Julia Sachs