More Constant Than the Gods
Profound Lore
Street: 09.17
SubRosa = Ludicra + Mares of Thrace + Eight Bells
Haunting in their beauty, SubRosa are simply one of the best bands in dark and heavy music. More Constant Than the Gods follows the highly celebrated No Help For the Mighty Ones, and carries on the same level of excellence found on that album. “The Usher” opens the album with a moody, sparse, three-minute intro, as male and female vocals weave around one of the band’s trademark, otherworldly violins before exploding into an all-out rocker. The genius of SubRosa is in their mastery of contrast, as they’ll hypnotize you with the prettiness of their music before pummeling you with their heaviness. “Cosey Mo” (the album’s shortest song at seven minutes) is a bit of a departure from the rest of the album’s mood, featuring a straight-up stoner rock vibe. “No Safe Harbor” closes the album in a ghostly mood, as flutes and strings find their way over an ever-present layer of guitar fuzz and Rebecca Vernon’s intermittent, delicate voice. Simply put, SubRosa is one of the most interesting bands making music in our city, and we’re lucky to claim them as our own. –Ricky Vigil