The Circulars
Street: 06.27
The Circulars = The Field Mice + Felt + Galaxie 500
The Circulars’ year-long presence as a four-piece in the Salt Lake music scene was the sort of magical run that will be remembered by wide-eyed youths long after our time has passed. Ornamental, which they released on the eve of their final performance as a four-piece, shimmers with all the flourishes of their magnificent live shows. It is reflective of the group’s refined musicianship and genuine friendships, clearly evident in the following they accrued this past year. The band’s refreshing sound—a whirly jangle over tranquil dream pop—is fleshed out through each track, with Sam Burton’s wistful voice floating gently over the tender musical landscape. “To Unite, To Submerge” is marked with a Byrds jangle that twists into something complex, and my favorite, “With Virtue I Am Paid,” glistens like a bittersweet Cocteau Twins track. Now, as a trio, their brightness will carry on in Salt Lake. –Christian Schultz