The Circulars
Self-Titled EP
Street: 09.28
The Circulars = The Cure + Wymond Miles
The Circulars’ sound, while comparable to several bands from a bygone era of earnest and dark, jangley pop music, could be properly suited to nearly any time—simply based on the fact that the songs are good, the musicians are talented and there’s no air of pretense to deflate the mood. The level of drama is appropriate, never overstaying its welcome or outweighing the music, and there are some instrumental breaks, such as in “Where Are You Now?” which seem like they’d be fun to play—all trills and long echoes. Also, the drums sound fantastic. The quality of this recording is worth noting, given that The Circulars EP was made on a relatively conservative budget in a short amount of time. These “limitations” clearly worked in The Circulars’ favor—the performances sound well rehearsed, with the band’s intentions clear from the beginning. The Circulars EP can be heard in its entirety on the, so listen. –T.H.