The Pigeons
Street: 10.01
The Pigeons = Iggy Pop + Marilyn Manson + Soundgarden
The Pigeons present a raw, rough sound with pure punk elements, and this recording has a gritty realness to it that suggests it was recorded live. It’s a fresh project, with this EP marking the first release for the pair of musicians from Cedar City, and the energy and vibe of the material and the performance still have that fresh perspective of people trying stuff out and seeing if it fits. It’s fun music, and it’s gonna be a fun ride, so hop in and hold on! I haven’t seen ‘em in the Salt Lake Valley, but if you’re further south, you can catch them playing all around their ‘hood. I’m sure it won’t be long till we get the pleasure up here, too—keep a lookout! –Ischa B.