Subunderground Productions
Street: 02.01
Untytled = Thievery Coroporation + Big Black Cloud
I’ve got my wine, I’ve got my Untytled album and now all I need is a fat spliff. In all seriousness though, this album is superb to chill out to (or can easily be used to wallow in a cesspool of seasonal self-deprecation, I quickly found). Off-the-wall chord progressions are paired with unexpected effects while freaky drum machines create a psychedelic shroud you could easily lose yourself in. Tracks such as “Sink” offset the smoothness with intense buzzing or growling effects. My favorite listen was through noise cancelling headphones while snow dusted down on the city, but an odd, chilly summer night could easily go with it just as well (check out “Working Man”). Instrumental trip-hop has taken up much of my music-listening time recently and this bizarre, unique morsel will now be at the top of the list. Just don’t get yourself lost in a bad trip, now. –LeAundra Jeffs