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Local Review: Valentine & The Regard – Werewolves

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Valentine & The Regard

Valentine & The Regard

Street: 12.23.14
Valentine & The Regard = Bright Eyes + The Cure

Werewolves is a nostalgic trip through a series of poignant songs written in a manner that brings to mind both Conor Oberst and Pedro the Lion. Each song sweeps through straightforward guitar harmonies with an authentic sense of songwriting that’s hard to deny and is backed by simplified effects that show restraint in all of the right areas. Just when I thought that the singer-songwriter market had been completely tapped, a local band came along and proved me wrong. Recorded on a 4-track in a bedroom, Werewolves has an undeniable homegrown and heartfelt quality. Werewolves is a promising album that shows a substantial amount of potential. –Kristyn Porter