Vile Blue Shades

Live! in Salt Lake -or- Live! in Denver (I Don’t Remember)

8ctopus Records

Street: 10.31.13

Vile Blue Shades = Red Bennies + The Corleones – The Wolfs

Red state, blue state, now that both the Red Bennies and Vile Blue Shades allegedly are no more, Utah is much less a punk rock state. This live release celebrates the sheer musical mess, the utter chaotic clusterfuck that was the Vile Blue Shades. It starts off with “All Our Favorite Songs Are Red Bennies Songs,” acknowledging what they, and many local punk bands from the late ’90s, owed the Bennies, including borrowing members. Both bands laid down a kind of groove to fuel their raw power. “Creature of Natural Beauty” and “Exceptional Whore” are two songs that demonstrate the dichotomy of VBS’ hypnotic attraction. One of the coolest local CD packages ever includes three different covers, including art by Sri Whipple and others. The limited edition CD release of 300 sold out, but you can get the digital version at –Stakerized!