Rest 30 Records
Street: 12.25.11
Vour = Juana Ghani + Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
Growing up in a ski town meant going to a lot of free, outdoor concerts in the summer, which pretty much always involved a lot of beer and a lot of jazzy jam bands. Vour would fit well on a bill for that kind of family-friendly mountain jam, with swanky beats and a plethora of instrumentation. It’s the type of music that I’d prefer to see live rather than listening to on my own time, but their bossa-nova-inspired keys would settle well while on a blanket on the slopes with a 12-pack. The overall vibe of the 14 tracks felt like an improvised jam-sesh, but the rare tracks with singing, such as “Tell it to Another Man” and “Caveman” show some coherent refinement. –Brinley Froelich