Local Reviews: Black Seas of Infinity

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Black Seas of Infinity
Autumn Wind Productions
Street: 10.09.09
Black Seas of Infinity = Raison D’etre + Nostalgia + Hexentanz
Black Seas of Infinity have always existed outside the realm of what most would consider “typical” ambient,or experimental music, and their latest release, Hieros-Gamos, is yet another example of just how under-appreciated this group is here in Salt Lake City. Featuring four songs––two at more than 20 minutes in length––the album can be a little trying for those not accustomed to extended periods of drone and/or repetitive ambient incantations, but it is inherently interesting and addicting. The final piece on the album, “Thy Secret Shall Stain the Heart of The Ekstasis (Aleim Edam),” is extremely reminiscent of almost everything ex-Swans vocalist Jarboe has ever laid her hands on. This is highly recommended for anyone interested in occult dark ambient, and it is absolutely best enjoyed in the dark.