Burning Olympus
Going Nowhere
Street: 05.01.2010
Burning Olympus= Bowerbirds + Dead Meadow
With hazy guitar sounds and strong percussion, Burning Olympus encompasses the energy of White Rabbits and the low grit of The Black Keys in their first full-length album, Going Nowhere. They have a distinct taste for real, dirty rock n’ roll, which is magnified in songs like “Red Faced” and “Skipped That Part.” “Something That She Wants” features a songstress who sounds like the kid sister of Nona Marie Invie, of the East Coast’s Dark Dark Dark. All of the tracks on Going Nowhere are solid and all slightly different, keeping the listener interested and ready for the next song. The title track slows things down, sounding almost like Trophy Scars, if they had taken a different direction after their 2009 album, Bad Luck. Burning Olympus sounds like old souls who’ve found each other and decided to make something out of their likeness to one another. Despite their downer album title, Going Nowhere is certain to go somewhere.