Self-Titled Split
Street: 12.01.11
Maraloka = Mastodon + Coalesce
Cannons = Robot Whales + Black Cross
With members having done some time in Parallax, God’s Revolver and a host of others, local boys Maraloka play down-tuned, sludgy heavy metal that’s as kaleidoscopic as it is leaden (which dorky bloggers will probably call “mathy”). Think ’90s ‘core after straight edge and the vegan apocalypse, or maybe Coalesce and early Converge, heavy on groove and light on shrieking. Monster riffs and an acerbic sense of tight and relentless rhythm keeps this side sounding fresh, potent and just a little bit sideways. I even hear a little Jawbox in the haunted riffing of “Thechne.” Great stuff here, goobers. Denver’s Cannons draw from the same sonic well, with a sinewy Fugazi-esque take on post-core with just a lil’ Damnation A.D. nihilism for good (bad) measure. Jazzbo employs time changes galore, springy fretwork and some Rob Patterson-style vocals. Cave In and Black Cross playing late Dischord covers? Sounds tight, don’t it?