GAZA No Absolutes In Human Suffering Black Market Activities Street: 07.31 GAZA = Converge + Acid Bath + Coalesce Salt Lake’s own grind-metal heroes have kicked their game up to some intense new heights with this record. Familiar elements of the previous albums prevail: the discordant insanity, the rib-smashing riffs, the harsh, grating screams from some lower bowel of hell. On top of this chaotic primordial soup, the band has planted layers of matured, rhythmic, doom-metal moments that feel like coming up for air before you drown. It’s a powerful and tension-building mash-up. “This We Celebrate” is a prime example of this excellent tempo change at work. Lyrically, they tackle their usual suspects of religious and social issues plaguing the world in their true, take-no-prisoners style. The album feels, even more than their past work, full of madness and depressive atmosphere, like a raging tempest of black clouds. When it’s over, all you want to do is jump back in. That’s fucking musicianship.