I’m Designer
Street: 09.26.11
I’m Designer = Dredg + Circa Survive 
I’ve never been a fan of singers who draw heavily upon reverb and delay, but the way Robert George uses them over his Dredg-style guitar work beckons me to give this band the benefit of the doubt. I’m Designer’s first release, EP, intricately combines ambient guitar riffs with solid bass work in attempt to cast an art-rock blanket over the listener. This instrumental weaving would be smoother were it not for the kinks caused by the outlandishly distracting drummer. Most of this album is riddled with inappropriate and overly syncopated drum fills, which prevent me from being fully absorbed into the songs. “I Could Sleep Through Anything” would be a more appealing track were it not for the ridiculous minute-long drum solo at the end. There’s a place for virtuoso heavy metal drumming, and it’s definitely not within the ambient sound this group is trying to produce.