Live on Sonarchy
Jack Straw Productions
Street: 04.19
Lalage = Edna St. Vincent Millay + Brian Eno + Tycho
Whoa. This is a whole lotta art here. Lara Candland vocalizes her poetry in various stylings over sometimes lovely, sometimes strange and bizarre background sounds, created along with Christian Asplund, her long-time partner and the other member of the duo known as Lalage. Additional vocals are created by Asplund, but more as sound than word. The product of this experimental endeavor could perhaps blend into the background as furniture or airport music, a la Brian Eno or Erik Satie, but with some really odd and sometimes disconcerting undertones more along the lines of David Lynch’s musical endeavors. Most impressive of all, though, is the assertion that all the variations of noise heard are created with vocals only, and then manipulated in postproduction. I swear I hear some keyboard action going on in there, so if that’s a voice, color me curious and intrigued. As I said, this is a whole lotta art, so indulge in your favorite mind-altering substance, lean back and dig deep. It’s poetry time.